Know about The Pizza Central

A Passionate and Experienced team who create delicious Pizzas, Burgers, Smoothies, etc. for foodies like you and have started distributing franchise. We are growing day by day by serving you the best food we can and facilitating Happy Eating.

Featuring a warm, friendly, and comfortable environment, we try to serve the most Crispy, Tasty, and Delightful Pizza you have ever eaten. Our experienced team tries their best to serve you handmade Pizzas with fresh cheese and toppings and spicy sauce to make your day a delightful one. Visit once and provide us with the opportunity to serve you some fresh and spicy Pizzas to make you go from Pizza to Pizzzaaaaaa!

Shining story of the F&B Industry in India

 The revenue in the F&B segment amounts to $462 Million in the year 2019.

 The revenue of the F&B segment is expected to have an annual growth rate of 19.8%, which results in a market volume of $950 Million by 2023.

 Thus, Compared to any other business opening a food franchise in India is less risky.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring quality, taste, and freshness all at one place. We use the best three elements to make Crispy and Spicy Pizzas and serve it with 3 P's: Precision, Pace, and Passion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known as the best food franchise in India/restaurant franchise in India. We look to serve fresh and tasty food with some special Pizzas under your budget.


  • Friendly, comfortable, and relaxed environment.
  • A delightful and fresh menu to choose from.
  • Well trained staff to prepare and serve you the best.
  • Growing Shops across the Nation.
  • Pocket-friendly delicious combos under your budget.
  • Occasion special Pizzas made for your loved ones.